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i try to hold it all inside, but just for tonight [entries|friends|calendar]

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that john denver is full of shit [23 Jun 2004|01:22am]
i have no clue what to write, but i hate a lot of thigs.
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we got truckers; lots of truckers... [20 Jun 2004|02:36am]
yeah, so tonight im feeling a little weird. dont really know what to think, and my mood is rather mixed.
last night was a fun night, i got to chill with sam and i had a bomb ass time. shes a real sweet person, and sometimes i feel like treating her more than a friend, but sub conciously i remind myself of past relationships, and force myself not to get back into one. i really dont kno what i am to do with certain situations involving this mattter.
on a more upto date note, i just got back from chilling with andy, collin, and dan. friends are a pretty important aspect of my life; without them id be fucked. though they will prolly never read this i hope they kno i appreciate that they are there for me when i need them.

peace out niggas..
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i need a lover that wont drive me crazy... [18 Jun 2004|02:27am]
yeah, so it kinda feels weird typing my unconcious thoughts so that everyone can read them, but hey why the fuck not...
well last night i had a dream, and it wasnt one like that the crazy fuck martin luther king had, mine was different. it made me realize some things. they dream started with this phenomenel girl hanging out with me at my house, and she drove jamie tuttles car for some reason haha... and she was just an all around great person; she made me laugh, she was bomb ass hot, and i could say anything to her, and later in the dream i found out i was dating her, so at this point the dream was goign great, and right at the peak of it collin johnson woke me up. i was pissed but it made me realize i need someone like that. someone to keep me in-line, i kno ive been slipping up lately, nothing too major at all, but it would really be nice ot have someone to love like that, i feel pretty lonely without it. haha well now u kno how i feel, so if u happen to be a girl that pertains to the description in my dream, fuckin call me!
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hike up your skirt a little bit more [15 Jun 2004|03:45am]
well this is my first time ever writing in this thing-a-ma-jobber, but i think i get it. but with out the help of sam it would never be possible <3. my whole reason for starting this is because everyoen else is doing it, so just like smoking i decided to try it out. umm... i cant think of anything else to say but i will tom. night or something like that.

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